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The IBMI gathers students’ opinions on the quality of our courses and programs.

2374 IBMI users participated in our 01/2021 student survey.
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Price-Performance Ratio — 98%
Student Satisfaction — 96%
Quality of Course Content — 91%
Usability and Navigation — 90%
Relevance of Course Content — 86%
Community and Contact — 72%

Selected Reviews

Really good online courses. Learn the fundamentals of different business management topics at a time that suits you. The courses were informative and details were well explained.

 — Christopher, United States

Excellent courses! Love the easy explanations. Lessons are very concise, no time wasted on unnecessary stuff. This was absolutely awesome!

 — Johannes, Germany

I found the course very informative. I have never had any formal project management training, however, now I feel as if I can have a better grip on project planning. Im looking forward to the next course.

 — Maja, Sweden

This course taught me every thing I need to be able to function at my job and a little bit more. The lessons are short and simple to get the job done and not tire you out. I would highly recommend to anyone who’s interested in business and management topics. Overall: Very useful & great learning experience.

 — Hannah, Ireland (Republic)

As I am moving into a leadership role, I can honestly say, I have heard some ideas that will be helpful to me. Great course with lots of examples.

 — Oliver, United Kingdom

Fantastic course, very relevant information. I believe business and management basics are essential for any career. I highly recommend the Mini-MBA program.

 — Ann-Kathrin, Germany

Excellent courses; very detailed and easy to understand. I like that every course it is broken up into smaller lessons that only takes about 5-10 minutes per lesson.

 — William, South Africa

Easy to follow, as are all the IBMI courses. Very good content and explanations.

 — Lærke, Denmark

Very useful, picked up and learned lots of new tricks and help. Very much detailed and efficient. Thank you.

 — Anthony, United States

Thank you very much for the service you have provided – I would definitely recommend you guys to a friend/colleague. The content is fantastic and easy to follow. CHEERS GUYS!

 — Lucas, Brazil

Course was very easy to follow and full of good information. I gained the knowledge I needed to advance in my professional life.

 — Francisca, Portugal

Really fun and understandable, can be done in own free time and all the courses are short and simple.

 — Min-jun, South Korea