Publications at IBMI

The range of research activities at IBMI is broad and deep. Our culture of collaboration drives innovative discoveries in areas vital to our world and our economy and aims at solving real-world problems. The breadth and interdisciplinary nature of our research spark imaginative and inventive insights and solutions.

International Business Management Review (IBMR)

IBMR is a general management magazine published by IBMI. It is devoted to the improvement and further development of theories and practices of business/organizational management and it is designed to appeal to academics, managers and policy makers.

Latest Publications:

  • 2021 Vol. 1 – Digital Health Business Models
  • 2020 Vol. 2 – Change Management in Matrix Organisations
  • 2020 Vol. 1 – Growth Strategies 2020
  • 2019 Vol. 2 – Funding for Entrepreneurs
  • 2019 Vol. 1 – Digital Business Trends 2019
  • 2018 Vol. 2 – Modern Strategic Alliances
  • 2018 Vol. 1 – Challenges in the Automobile Sector
  • 2017 Vol. 2 – Towards a Sustainable Economy
  • 2017 Vol. 1 – Lean Management Concepts

Journal of Global Political Economy (JGPE)

JGPE published by IBMI showcases significant theoretical and practical research in the fields of economics, political science, and governance. The journal aims to publish highly selective articles of current relevance that will have a long-term impact on economics research.

Latest Publications:

  • 2021 Vol. 1 – Dynamics and Stability of Complex Systems
  • 2020 Vol. 2 – Corona and the Global Economy
  • 2020 Vol. 1 – Global Health Management
  • 2019 Vol. 2 – World Economy is Slowing Down
  • 2019 Vol. 1 – Largest Risks in Cyber Security
  • 2018 Vol. 2 – Development of BRIC States 2015-2020
  • 2018 Vol. 1 – EU and Good Governance

Annual Report on Sustainability (ARS)

ARS is a report for academics and practitioners of sustainable management published by IBMI each year. The emerging field of sustainable business has its roots in science and economics – in particular environmental science and the economics of sustainability.

Latest Publications:

  • 2020 – Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on sustainability
  • 2019 – Sustainable Growth 2020
  • 2018 – Corporate Sustainability and Organizational Culture
  • 2017 – The Sustainable Development Goals Index

Contributions are invited from the international community of researchers.
All articles are peer-reviewed and must be published in English.

We generate knowledge

IBMI offers research services to national institutions, intergovernmental agencies, and non-profit organizations.
In our mission to drive sustainable improvement, we focus our research on four essential key categories:

Strategic Management

How can we formulate and implement the major goals?

Business Development

How can we develop and implement growth opportunities?

Digital Solutions

How can we implement and use new technologies successfully?

Public Governance

How can we modernize and improve public institutions?