Berlin Education Cluster (BECLUS)

Finding your perfect learning environment can be challenging and time-consuming. We believe, that the German capital provides you the best education and research services.

The Berlin metropolitan region is one of the most prolific centers of education and research in the world. Our interactive Berlin Education Cluster (BECLUS) map gives you an overview of Berlin’s major education and research institutions.

The German capital is home to five public research universities (marked in red), five public universities of applied sciences (green), various private educational institutions (blue), three arts colleges (purple), two denominational colleges (orange), independent research institutes (yellow) as well as numerous language schools (grey). You can use the button on the upper left corner of the map to show/dismiss educational institutions and their categories.

More than 250,000 people from all over the world teach, do research, work, and study at these institutions. 40 Nobel Prize winners are affiliated to Berlin-based educational institutions.

We encourage you to browse through all educational institutions and choose Berlin as your future learning location.